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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

Since technology is constantly evolving, so is digital marketing. As marketers, it’s important for us to stay aware of emerging trends in the industry in order to use them to our full advantage. Here are 5 trends that we think we’ll see more of in 2017.

#1  Increased Focus on Customer Experience

Marketing should always be about the customer experience. Companies that are making a point to put the experience first are much more likely to be successful in 2017 because their customers are already expecting it.

#2   Engaged and Effective Measuring: Analytics 2.0

Marketers have always struggled to prove exactly what tactics work and how, but with the recent rise of analytics, this will become more and more important. Businesses will want to be able to see how their marketing efforts are influencing business objectives.

#3   Personalized Everything

We’ve already started to see this in 2016 from personalized Coca-Cola cans to shampoo bottles. Personalization will mean different things for different businesses, but essentially marketers need to find a way to work personalization into their daily efforts.

#4   Better Video Content…and more of it

Content has been number one in the world of marketing for quite some time now, and that isn’t changing. What you will want to get behind is video content. Marketers who don’t embrace video will more than likely get left behind.

#5   More Social Media Marketing

Social media is shifting from generic, marketed content to a more personalized push for sales. In 2017 we’ll see it become even easier for consumers to make a purchase on social media.

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