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A Little About The Project...

About Company

For over 40 years, Business World has been one of the region’s leading providers of office IT and print services. Their mission is simple: provide business technology solutions that improve their client's bottom line.

Design Objectives

When Business World decided to update their website, they left their old product-first web design for a fresh client-first approach. On the new site, they no longer include giant directories of all the products that they can sell you. Instead, the website was meticulously designed to help clients see the path to reducing stress and increasing productivity.

Related Tech Speak

  1. List frequently asked questions and their answers with customized fields that fit your business.
  2. Easily add, edit, remove entries in the CMS.
Other Names:

Common Questions Module

A module is a collection of data fields and relational data for a specific type of content.

Example Modules

  • News or Blog Module
  • Staff Module
  • Services Module
  • Portfolio Module
Sample Fields
  • Name/Title Field
  • Featured Image
  • Start Date
  • Photo Gallery
Sample Relationships
  • A news post may be connected to many categories.
  • A project entry may highlight one featured service.

You know your business inside & out, but word-smithing Google-loved language may not be your specialty.

Whether you just want a little bit of editing or you'd like us to do a complete industry-researched write-up for you, we can help find the right words to speak to your audiences.

A computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. It typically supports multiple users in a collaborative environment.

Our developers customize your site’s content management system (CMS) to your site’s specifications. This means that there is nothing in your CMS that you don’t need - speeding up your website’s load time and also making it more user-friendly and therefore easier to keep up-to-date.

Where your website files are stored.

Short for "User Experience", this design approach focuses on how website visitors feel when interacting with the design.

A few factors*:

  • Who is/are the intended audience(s)?
  • Why are they visiting the site?
  • What do they want/need to do when they get there?
  • How can we make that as easy as possible?
  • How can we combine best practices with a unique and appealing look?

*These questions and more are initially discussed during discovery and constantly referred to throughout the entire process.

  1. Post company and/or industry news with customized fields that fit your business.
  2. Easily add, edit, remove entries in the CMS.
Other Names:

Blog Module

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