Flex360 Drives Significant Lead Generation for Waste Management Business

Waste Management

Little Rock, Arkansas – A leading waste management company, operating across Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kansas, has reported substantial gains in lead generation for the first nine months of the year, attributing much of this success to the digital marketing strategies implemented by Flex360. The collaboration has yielded $1,581,544 in potential leads, marking a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory.

Flex360, a renowned digital marketing agency based in Little Rock, Arkansas, crafted and executed comprehensive marketing campaigns that have not only heightened the waste management company’s visibility but also substantially increased its customer engagement. The data reveals a remarkable influx of 954 calls generated from AdWord Campaigns and an additional 677 calls originating from the company’s website, potentially translating to $669,000 in revenue.

The waste management company’s investment in Flex360’s services amounted to $8,000 monthly. This strategic partnership has proven exceptionally fruitful, with Flex360’s marketing efforts accounting for nearly 60% of the company’s web traffic during this period.

Moreover, the campaigns included the deployment of 2,877,149 targeted advertising display banners, resulting in 15,695 clicks to the website and 1,473 direct leads. This performance underscores the efficiency and effectiveness of Flex360’s digital marketing strategies.