Flex360’s Digital Marketing Expertise Fuels Substantial Revenue Growth for Metal Building Corporation

Metal Building

Little Rock, Arkansas – In a striking demonstration of digital marketing’s potential, Flex360 has been instrumental in driving significant revenue growth for a large metal building corporation. With a strategic investment of $390,600 in digital marketing campaigns last year, the corporation has realized an astounding potential revenue of $23,810,000, attributed to website quotes generated through these efforts. Known for its substantial transactions with an average value of $5,000, the metal building corporation has experienced remarkable success through its partnership with Flex360. The company’s impressive online quote close rate of 35% indicates that Flex360’s targeted digital marketing campaigns likely contributed to actual revenue of $8,330,000.

A pivotal factor in this success was Flex360’s ability to drive significant web traffic to the corporation’s site, with 50% of the corporation’s traffic originating from Flex360’s marketing initiatives. This represents a 34% increase in website traffic year over year, underscoring the effectiveness of the strategies employed.

Reflecting on the year’s investment and outcomes, it is evident that the metal building corporation’s decision to allocate $390,000 towards digital marketing has yielded substantial dividends. With potential revenue from leads reaching $23,810,000 and considering the company’s conversion rates, the ROI generated by Flex360’s campaigns is nearly $8 million. This achievement highlights not only the strategic prowess of Flex360’s digital marketing efforts but also the tangible impact these campaigns can have on a company’s bottom line.