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Why Your Business Needs Facebook

Facebook. Most of us use it or have seen people browsing social network on their phones. Our mom has a Facebook page, our kids are on Facebook, our friends, our neighbors — some pets even have Facebook pages!

So why would you want a Facebook page for your business?

Because Facebook is a place where people share life’s moments. It’s a place where friends connect. And it’s also the most widely used social network on the web.

Considering recent data from Gigya, Facebook is dominating the social network logins worldwide. In the first quarter of 2015, Facebook has 63 percent of the total logins. And the user base is growing. Users 18-34 years of age are still garnering the largest share, but 35-49 and 50 and older brackets are increasing. Desktop computers still remain the device of choice for Facebookers, but mobile use is on the rise and expected to increase over the course of the year.

What does this mean for you?

Facebook is way for you to get your products and services in front of potential customers in a relatable way. Let’s break that down and look at what that actually means.

We know through years of research and sales coaching that people buy goods and services through someone they trust. Facebook is a great way to build your reputation. Photos and testimonials of your customers that are happy with your company are a great start. Humanizing your company and posting photos of your staff having fun, celebrating a birthday or other life event can go a long way in making your brand relatable to potential customers. It’s not so much about the likes.

Yes, it’s great to have 1,000+ likes on your company Facebook page, but Facebook also provides other ways to get your message to buyers. In addition to posting photos and relatable content, Facebook ad campaigns can help get your business in front of potential customers.

There are several types of ad campaigns, and choosing the correct one is crucial to what type of results you want. The beauty of Facebook’s ad campaigns is that you can constantly evaluate and change your campaign to get optimum results. You can also target your audience by demographics, geography, interests, income, home ownership, and the list goes on.

Another important detail to remember is that Facebook ad campaigns will also be served to people who haven’t liked your page. So your ad will show up in the news feed of a potential customer based on the people you tell Facebook you want to target.

Facebook is just one of the ways to create an online marketing presence and should be utilized in conjunction with your website and other marketing tools. Using your Facebook page to link back to your website or blog is a great way to drive traffic. And having a Facebook link on your website is a helpful tool as well.

The bigger your online presence, the better chance you have of getting your products and services seen by potential customers. When social media marketing is done correctly, you’ll rank higher on search engines. And the more relevant content you provide, the better your company’s reputation will be when providing accurate and helpful information to consumers.

If you have questions about getting started, contact us. We can help you set up a company page and help with the content, and we can also help you decide which ad campaign is right for your business. Oh, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook to get helpful hints on all things digital. Plus, we’re a pretty cool company!

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