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Video shot and edited for a specific client and use.

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Utilized In These Projects
Website Redesign
Website Redesign
Website Redesign
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  1. When needed, draw attention to important alerts and link to more information.
  2. Easily add, edit, remove alerts in the CMS.
  1. Stands for Application Programming Interface.
  2. A set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software.
  3. Usually utilizing code from a third-party source.

The people / users who are intended to view or use your website content. A website can have multiple audiences, so it is ideal to have easy-to-find content customized for each audience.

Delivering online advertisements to users who will likely be the most interested in that message.

  1. Feature brands you carry with customized fields that fit your business.
  2. Easily add, edit, remove entries in the CMS.
Other Names:

Designer Module

Creating a cohesive and recognizable statement that identifies a company or organization through imagery and messaging.

Important components to branding standards often include the development and implementation of: logo, icon, tagline, fonts, and use-case instructions.

The exact screen width where a website is designed to respond differently than it did at a larger or smaller size.

Standard Breakpoints

  • Big Desktop Screens: 1801 px wide or wider
  • Desktop Screens: 1201 - 1800 px wide
  • Tablet Landscape Screens: 941 - 1200 px wide
  • Tablet Portrait Screens: 641 - 940 px wide
  • Phone Screens: 640 px wide or narrower

Programs on your computer that allow you to visit websites.

Similar Terms

  • Internet Browser Window
  • Web Browser
  • The thing I click to get to the internet
  • Microsoft IE 11 & Edge
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari Opera
  1. A correction to an error that shouldn't have been there in the first place.
  2. Something we never charge to correct.


  • Clicking on a tag doesn't pull up the news posts associated with that tag.
  • A date picker is acting wonky and resetting.
  • Added a post, but got an error message when I clicked save.

Note: Because we create custom solutions, sometimes we have to investigate an issue before we can identify if it is a bug from something we didn't get right - or if it's a billable service.

  1. Show off your upcoming (and potentially past) events with customized fields that fit your business.
  2. Calendar views can utilize customized search fields and/or day, week, month layouts.
  3. Easily add, edit, remove entries in the CMS.
Similar to:

Events Module

A segment of a homepage, sidebar, footer, or custom layout addressing a specific audience, topic, feature, or service designed to elicit a click that will take the visitor to more information.

Other Names:

  • Call to Action
  • Call-Out Box

Common Elements:

  • Customized Heading
  • Short descriptive text
  • May use icon or image
  • Link to more details
  1. Share job listings with customized fields that fit your business.
  2. Easily add, edit, remove entries in the CMS.
Other Names:

Jobs Module

  1. Helping clients meet short- and long-term goals through customized web services.
  2. Digging into what solutions can best benefit a client, then actively measuring and adjusting for best service along the way.
  3. Understanding that digital marketing and "one size fits all" services do not combine for maximum benefit.

Text (words), pictures, downloadable files such as PDFs/PPT/DOCs, video links... Any words, pictures, or attachments included in a website.

A computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. It typically supports multiple users in a collaborative environment.

Our developers customize your site’s content management system (CMS) to your site’s specifications. This means that there is nothing in your CMS that you don’t need - speeding up your website’s load time and also making it more user-friendly and therefore easier to keep up-to-date.

Information moved or imported from one location to another - usually the end goal being a new content management system (CMS).

When a client already has a website, our team usually migrates the existing web content to a new location for collaboration and editing (we use tools like GatherContent and Google Docs). Once the content is approved to go on the new website, we migrate it into the new website.

When bidding on advertising, the amount  each click on your ad costs you.

Cost-per-thousand digital advertising impressions.

A call-to-action (CTA) elicits is a specific action, like a click, "like", submit an email address, etc.

The click-through-rate (CTR) measures the success of a digital advertising campaign.


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