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Cost-per-thousand digital advertising impressions.

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The people / users who are intended to view or use your website content. A website can have multiple audiences, so it is ideal to have easy-to-find content customized for each audience.

Delivering online advertisements to users who will likely be the most interested in that message.

Creating a cohesive and recognizable statement that identifies a company or organization through imagery and messaging.

Important components to branding standards often include the development and implementation of: logo, icon, tagline, fonts, and use-case instructions.

  1. Helping clients meet short- and long-term goals through customized web services.
  2. Digging into what solutions can best benefit a client, then actively measuring and adjusting for best service along the way.
  3. Understanding that digital marketing and "one size fits all" services do not combine for maximum benefit.

When bidding on advertising, the amount  each click on your ad costs you.

A call-to-action (CTA) elicits is a specific action, like a click, "like", submit an email address, etc.

The click-through-rate (CTR) measures the success of a digital advertising campaign.

Databites is an hour and a half luncheon, dedicated to getting you up to speed on your website and your Google Analytics.

The promised results of a project.

A meeting to discuss and identify the problems or issues our team can provide solutions for.

A site not indexed by search engines, therefore creating an easily accessed, yet private location on the web for the development and design team to collaborate on your new project.
Development sites are by definition under construction, so elements may appear strange or broken if the web team is actively working on it.

How we use this:

  1. We establish your website's content management system (CMS) and design framework on a private URL.
  2. Our developers build your custom modules to your specifications as well as routes to that content for the designer to access.
  3. Our content team moves your approved website content into your new CMS, testing out the development features in the process.
  4. Our design team pulls your website content into your custom design.
  5. After your"first look," we share* that private URL with you - which you can then access at any time.
  6. To launch the site, we point your preferred website address to these approved website files** and make the site public on the world wide web.

*We ask that clients not widely share links to development sites so not to risk unnecessary opinions disrupting the approved project scope.

**If you are replacing a website and we don't host the current one, please remember that your old website files are still being hosted somewhere -- so you will probably need to cancel any services related to it."


Ads on a display network which include many different formats such as: images, flash, video, and audio. Also commonly known as banner ads, these are the advertisements that are seen around the web on news sites, blogs, and social media.

A marketing system that uses software to automatically send emails based on defined triggers. Multiple automated emails in a sequence are used create user funnels and segment users based on behavior. For example, an automation funnel could be set to send email 1 when a person provides their email address, then either email 2a or 2b would be sent based on whether or not the person clicked on the first email.

The use of email with the goal of acquiring sales, customers, or any other type of conversion.

Facebook allows advertisers to reach its users through their ad network. A range of ad types can be created to reach various goals set by companies. Facebook advertising is unique in that audiences are set up based on vast demographic information that Facebook has about their users.

Establishing location parameters (guidelines) on digital marketing campaigns.

Google’s online advertising service. This system allows advertisers to reach customers based on what keywords they are searching for in real time.

A free software platform created by Google, which is used to analyze nearly every aspect of users accessing a website. Website traffic, conversions, user metrics, historical data comparisons, and effectiveness of each channel of marketing can all be managed using this tool.

The destination webpage a user lands on after clicking on a link (either in an ad or anywhere else). Some landing pages are designed with the purpose of lead generation, and others are with the purpose of directing the flow of traffic throughout a site.

LinkedIn’s advertising platform. Through different ad formats, advertisers can bid on ad space and target unique audiences based on job title, years of experience, industry, and many other demographics.

A multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless experience whether the customer is visiting your website from a desktop or mobile device, interacting by telephone, or in a brick and mortar store or office.


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