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In 1953, the Steco Corporation created the first in a line of incredible cutting fluids: Tap Magic. From this single fluid, they developed a complete line of versatile, precise, lubricated cutting fluids that will meet the demands of any modern machinist or fabricator.

Redesign Objectives

It didn't take long for the Tap Magic team to realize the possibilities of their new website, so just in the first year, we added an eCommerce section, frequently asked questions, and re-worked the "above the fold" section to better educate their newest website visitors who were less familiar with their products.

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  1. List frequently asked questions and their answers with customized fields that fit your business.
  2. Easily add, edit, remove entries in the CMS.
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Common Questions Module

Stands for Electronic Commerce, it is a classification for businesses that conduct business online. The most common form of e commerce business is an online retailer that sells products direct to the consumer.

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  1. When needed, draw attention to important alerts and link to more information.
  2. Easily add, edit, remove alerts in the CMS.
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