Team Member: Lauren Sanders

Digital Marketing Account Manager

More About Lauren Sanders

Quick learner
Avid prospector
Knower of useless facts
A PB&J’s biggest fan
Notorious overthinker
Death by boredom
Elvis mourner
Pop culture queen
Most likely to be found at the gym or a Cracker Barrel
  • I am a digital account manager. I oversee my clients’ accounts to make sure everything is running smoothly. I also work with our Fort Worth sales team to bring in potential new partners who are in need of anything digital marketing.
  • I am a raging fan girl that loves anything pop culture. Don’t tell me your zodiac sign unless you want me to analyze your entire personality. I am also an old soul who can pick up on a lot of references that people are usually surprised a girl in her mid-twenties would pick up on. I know as much about The Beatles as I do the Kardashians.
    1. Earning my BBA in Marketing with a certification in professional sales.
    1. Earning a job right after I graduated in my field of study.
    2. Being given opportunities in my role as a digital account manager that require a lot of trust in my ability to succeed.
  • Outside of work I can be found on my big comfy couch after hitting the gym, eating a grilled PB&J with my bestie/coworker/cousin/neighbor Ashlyn watching football, reality TV or TikTok.
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