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Resize Images using Photoshop Elements

Resize Images using Photoshop Elements

In our last post about image size (SEO: Image Size Matters) we gave instructions using Adobe Photoshop. The information is still really important and the General Rules still apply, but what if you have Adobe Photoshop Elements?

How to Resize Photos using Photoshop Elements

Adobe has a tutorial on their website that also gives a little more information about image size and resolution, but we're just going to skip to the meat of it here so you can go ahead and resize your images.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Open photo in Photoshop Elements
  • Go to Image: Resize: Image Size
  • Set width and height to the max needed.
  • Go to File: Save For Web to save a copy without replacing the original.
  • Make sure to save as a JPEG file.
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