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FLEX Web & Team Update

FLEX Web & Team Update

Since we're launching our new website, we thought we would take a moment to love on our amazing team and the awesome work everyone has done on this project.

Our goals for this iteration of the FLEX360 site included:

  • Personalize - You have a lot of options to choose from when choosing who will build, maintain, and market your site. We want you to choose us because you believe that we're the right team for you.
  • Update Web Content - We did a full content review and are developing a ton more resources to help folks keep their websites in top notch condition after launch.
  • Explain our Services - We do things somewhat differently than other digital agencies, so we want you to understand how all the work we do ties together.
  • Long-term Vision - Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was this website. Instead, we're building it with future additions in mind.

Want to learn more? Keep on reading and we'll expand on how we met these goals. 

The Front End 

Setting the Tone with Design

The front end of the website is what you see - and how you interact with - the design and content.

Lance was tasked with creating a lighter, easy to navigate design that both shows off our team's personality and allows our portfolio to stand out in a non-competitive way. "Lighter" here refers to the color palette, a cleaner layout, and shorter page load time. Because our last site was built a while ago, the code was clunkier than it has to be now and took much longer to load than we wanted it to.

Content is King

In personalizing this site, we decided to change the tone of both our images and our language. We are a rather informal group of folks who really enjoy working together and creating solutions for our clients. While we have the skillset to write formally and could use the same lingo and stock images as everyone else, that doesn't give you any idea what to expect when you meet us.

Over the last few months, Amanda, Eyona, and John have been working on refreshing our content:

  • Instead of just saying "here are the services we offer," we decided to create storyboards to tell you more about our processes.
  • We never want anyone to get caught up in technical lingo, so we have started (and will continue expanding) a glossary of helpful definitions.
  • Our portfolio was redesigned in a way to help you understand the key components that go into our work.
  • While there's a TON of information available to help folks optimize their website content over time, if you're not in the business of websites, you don't have time to do all that research - so we're building a reference library so folks maintaining their sites only need to look in one place

While we were working on all this, we realized that using stock images to help explain our processes just wasn't going to cut it. After figuring out the look and feel we wanted to go for, we selected Timothy Banks to create our caricatures and storyboards.

Behind the Scenes


All the code that controls how we enter content (words & images) -- and how bits of that content relates to other bits of content -- is managed through our website's content management system (CMS) in page layouts and custom modules.

Jonathan and Aaron have built some really awesome tools that allow us to relate our news, portfolio, and glossary terms to the storyboards and so much more.

To Infinity & Beyond

We're so excited about our new site! It's a true reflection of our FLEX360 team and we're looking forward to getting even more content on here so we can truly serve as a resource to help our amazing clients get the right new and returning visitors to the right pieces of your websites.

Of course, we have Google Analytics and other tools installed on here, which will allow us to measure how folks interact with our site so that we can continue making the most informed decisions on future features and content. And since our website is now on the most current version of our CMS, we can use it to show new folks how easy it is to update one of our websites.

So, how do we get started?

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