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Microsoft Sunsetting Internet Explorer

For those of you using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer – and especially those of you who don’t (or can’t) automatically update your browser when they come out with a new version – you may have wondered why some websites don’t look right.

Sunset Date

The answer is that Microsoft is sunsetting Internet Explorer and moving on to Edge. What does this mean?

Since January 13, Microsoft has not been providing security updates or technical support for versions of Internet Explorer older than IE 11. Security updates patch vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malware, helping to keep users and their data safer. Regular security updates help protect computers from malicious attacks, so upgrading and staying current is important.

No New Updates

In addition to no longer providing security patches for older versions of IE, it means that Microsoft is no longer keeping those internet browsers up to current standards for viewing, nor providing guidelines to website developers of what we need to do in order to make a website look good through that particular window.

We cross-browser test in the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (Mac OS and iOS), Google Chrome, and Android – and we’re always looking out for new technology that we can make websites look great on, but were unable to do that on outdated, unsupported technology.

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