Post: Digital Marketing Works. Make Us Prove It.

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Digital Marketing Works. Make Us Prove It.

How Do You Know if Digital marketing Works?

Digital Marketing has become the latest and greatest in the world of advertising, but is it effective? Everyone thinks they need it, yet no one seems to know if it’s actually working. When asked how a campaign performed, most digital marketers will spit out the number of impressions delivered and a click-through rate just like a report card. What do those numbers actually mean? How do you know those clicks weren’t accidental?

Digital marketing IS measurable.

At FLEX360, we concentrate on the measurable results of our marketing efforts – positive or negative – and use those to continue to grow traffic, increase conversions, and pursue your company’s marketing goals.

When you run a display, Facebook, or other digital marketing campaigns with us, not only do we tell you how many impressions were delivered and the click-through rate of your ad, but we also show you the increase in your direct and organic website traffic as a result of the campaign. We read and interpret Google Analytics for you and use them to show you how much time people are spending on your site, where they came from, where they’re going, and much more data that influence strategy and increase your ROI.

Schedule a call today, and we will prove to you that digital marketing works. For a free consultation call Robert Blake or Molly May at 501-244-0360 or reach them by email at or

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