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Be a Superhero to your Customers

In today’s instant world, responding quickly to a customer problem or complaint is important. It’s also very important to establish a report with your customer and leave them satisfied and eager to spread the word on social media about your product or service.

For an example of how Amazon did this, click here.

Don’t go one on one with a customer.

It’s not necessary and it not good for business. Figure out what you can do for a customer and quickly do it. Don’t dwell on what you cannot do. It keeps the negative energy flowing and you do not want that. Keep positivity at the forefront.

Keep your game face on.

You might not necessarily want to be Thor, but the way the customer service representative at Amazon was able to interact with the consumer was something that cannot be priced. And that is a valuable lesson to learn.

You are representing your company when you are speaking with a customer. In the case of the Amazon employee, he knows that Amazon is in the business of helping customers meet their needs. He did that while appealing to the customer likeness at the same time.

You will win and save your customer’s day by going the extra mile, even if that is simply speaking in the character of a well know action superhero.

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